A Catrisk Nap


Clip art perfectly made for my trip

Clip art perfectly made for my trip

I’ll be heading off for about two weeks to an English-speaking place where there are volcanos and earthquakes and even an occasional tsunami, but no hurricanes.  During that time, I’m going to hope that nothing too dramatic happens on the TWIA front and there aren’t any storms that threaten the Texas coast.  If something major does occur — Governor Perry adds TWIA to the special session agenda, Commissioner Rathgeber authorizes TWIA to get $500 million loan, a major hurricane threatens Texas, I’ll try to break away from family fun in order to keep readers informed.  But don’t expect interactive graphics or anything particularly profound while I’m away.

But, not to fear.  Catrisk will be back in full force in about two weeks, telling it like it is on the issues of catastrophic risk transfer in Texas.

Thanks to all my readers for making this past year a very successful one for this blog.