A love letter to Texas Legislature Online

Dear Texas Legislature Online,

Even though you are only a website, I love you so much. You are cute, simple, easy on the eyes and you have so much to say when I ask you for information. And you’re a cheap date; I don’t have to pay, except for some teeny portion of my tax dollars.  I can search you all over for bills or for statutes and you don’t mind a bit.  Plus, when I find what I want, you are so giving.  I can get a printout in PDF, Word or even plain text that I can edit, display or mash up to my heart’s content. I can’t imagine doing what I do without you. You’re the best thing for Texas democracy ever. I’ll confess that I’m not totally faithful. I look at many legal information websites around the country. And, to be honest, there are many that are good. But you’re my hometown sweetheart. I am looking forward to being with you for years to come.

Seth J. Chandler (catrisk)