Interactively exploring TWIA funding reform

Here’s a Wolfram CDF document that let’s you explore the reforms to TWIA funding set forth in my earlier post.  To understand it, you must read this earlier blog entry. To interact with it, you will need to go to this website and download the Wolfram CDF player.  It’s easy — very similar to PDF. Once you have the plugin, you will be able to explore fully this and future interactive content. Your CDF plugin will work on this and other blogs and the Wolfram Demonstrations site. [WolframCDF source=”” CDFwidth=”740″ CDFheight=”700″ altimage=”file”]

By the way, if you want to see how to produce interactive widgets like this one in a WordPress document, take a look at this excellent and short video. And, to compare the premiums suggested by this document with those actually in use by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, take a look at this document and this document.

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